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This pair of speakers is all about imaging and coherency. Unlike the EP4.7 that we recently sold, the CS2 is a far more easier pair of speakers to set up. You just hook up the preouts from your preamp to the DSP2.4 crossover unit where you will then have two pairs of interconnect cables going into a four channel amp. One pair of that interconnects will drive the highs and the other will drive the lows. You would connect two pairs of speaker wires correspondingly. And then you just need to adjust the speaker positioning relative to your room and setup to find its optimum soundstaging presence. Each speaker has one 1″ compression driver that produces the mids and highs and two 15″ mid-woofers for the lower mid frequencies and bass. Sensitivity is a high 100 dB with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm for the two 15″ woofers and 8 ohm for the compression driver. The DSP2.4 although active in design, has a fixed factory setting so there is no further adjustment needed. Frequency response is from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Now, that 20 Hz reading may make some salivate and ready to throw down some heavy rock materials through the speakers but the 20 Hz from the CS2 is not your typical 20 Hz from a 15″ dedicated subwoofer. It sounded tight, fast and precise but lacked the volume and weight of a more conventional 15″ subwoofer. In other words, it sounded thinner and that’s because it doesn’t have a “box” around the driver to add that weight and presence (manufacturer does offer a subwoofer unit that you can add to increase that bass weight). But it integrated very well with the clean and crystal clear mids and highs. The speakers can demand a fair bit of space around them (we gave them about 36″ from the side and rear wall and place them about 6′ apart) to breathe and produce that large scale soundstage presence. So bear that in mind if you are considering these speakers. Otherwise, theses speakers are perfect for vocals, orchestra and electronic music. Add a subwoofer and you will have a tremendous “live stage” concert experience in your listening room. Speakers are 48″ tall, 19″ wide and about 6″ deep (measured at the base plate).

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original boxes so local pickup from our store preferred or if they need to be shipped, they will be strapped on a pallet and ship as freight.