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This amp was a pleasant find for us. We had read its many positive reviews but it was only recently that we manage to get one ourselves. And this compact shiny aluminum piece is a kicker. Very neutral, dead quiet and quite robust in its power output. Its rated at 100W in 8 ohms and 150W in 4 ohms. The previous owner were running them as monoblocks (275W per channel!) and driving a pair of Wilson Watt Puppy 8 with amazing result. He has gone a different direction with the speakers which apparently is so efficient it needed only one EP100.2SE to drive them. So this is for sale.

The amp is in nice shape. Minor scuff marks/light scratches here and there from use but nothing major. It accepts both RCA and XLR so no worries there on type of preamps to use. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. This is the SE version and not the original 100.2.