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The amp you see here was what started the highly esteemed AW-250 lineup. Packed with 250W per channel in 8 ohms, this was quite the powerhouse in the early 2000’s and for many owners, a worthy challenger to the amps coming out from Mark Levinson, McIntosh and Krell. And these other brands cost a lot more when you take into account the watts per dollar ratio. There is really, little to fault with the Electrocompaniet. It has loads of power reserve, smooth in its delivery and just in general a “smooth operator”. We paired it with Magnepans MG3.7, Focals and Avalon speakers and they all sounded beautiful with the Electrocompaniet.

Cosmetically, the unit looks okay with some scratches and nicks that are typical with an amp in this vintage. Unit has been fully checked out where the output caps were replaced so it is ready to soldier on for many more years. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this hefty amp for safe shipping.