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This is taking the freedom of satellite radio to the extreme! Following hot of the heels of the DTNR tuner (which we have sold), comes the XM-R3 satellite tuner that will now play out three radio stations simultaneously into THREE different rooms! So you can basically sit in one room and listen to your favorite station while your kids listen to theirs in their room and have another station playing in another room. The XM-R3 is compatible with many multi-zone components so integrating it with them is a breeze. And if you don’t like the uncensored content of satellite radio, you can program those stations to be inaccessible and in specific rooms.

The unit you see here is a new in the box unit that was the last piece from a dealer. We opened the outer box to snap a picture of the “colorful” inside box and made sure everything is inside – remote control, antenna, manual and AC cord. A super steal at this price!