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This is where space age design enters your listening room. The Pluto speakers from EBTB are the monitor version where their “egg shape” enclosure sits on top of a pedestal. And if you want mount them on a stands, then the pedestal will sit on top of the top plate of the speakers stands. You will need a top plate that is at least 7″ wide and 9″ deep for them to sit squarely on it. They could be placed on top of a cabinet but having them on stands tighten the bass more. They are very impressive sounding monitor speakers. Everything was very precisely cut and presented. Bass was not more than adequate without the “boxy” response from more typical rectangular shaped speakers. Mids were not overly warm and thick but clean and the highs were very smoothly extended. There was a lot of space and depth with these speakers and imaging was very spot on. They are fairly sensitive at 89dB with an impedance of 8 ohms. They don’t need big powered amps to drive them so anything between 30-50W is good enough.

Its a great conversational piece with its aesthetic look but more importantly, its function over form with its great sound. Unlike the floorstanding Pluto F version, the tweeter is mounted over the main enclosure in its own housing which gave it a little more height in its presentation.

These were former dealer demo units in very good condition. We have the original boxes (2 boxes) and will be shipped in them.