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EBTB (Everything But The Box) is a uniquely designed speaker that broke away from the conventional box shaped speakers with an “egg” shaped enclosure. We first listened to them about 2 years ago at the CES show in Las Vegas and was very impressed with its presentation. Music was amazingly clean, transparent and depending on the size of the room, had great depth for its size. Bass was more than adequate (they go down to 40Hz) in most of our listening sessions except the soundtracks with the heaviest of bass. The thing that captured our attention the most is its retrieval of details. Very precisely cut and presented which is very common with speakers that have their tweeters mounted cross centered in front of the mid-woofer. Mid-range could have been a bit warmer but you would probably won’t complain about it after you get use to how it sounds over conventional box speakers. Just place them out in your room, toe in a little and you would be thrown back on its accuracy and soundstaging. They are fairly sensitive at 89dB with an impedance of 8 ohms. They don’t need big powered amps to drive them so anything between 30-50W is good enough.

The Pluto F is an interesting pair of speakers. Its a great conversational piece with its aesthetic look but more importantly, its function over form with its great sound.

These were former dealer demo units in very good condition. We have the original boxes (2 boxes) and will be shipped strapped on a pallet.