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There was a time, before Blu-ray and all these high definition mumbo jumbo we see now , there was the EAD DVDMaster  8000 PRO. At its launch, it was widely considered the state-of-the-art DVD player for under $10,000. Fantastic video, awesome sound and a host of features that sets this apart from all the competition. Just take a look at the back panel and you will quickly realize why this cost an astronomical $5,900 back then. If you have a sizeable DVD collection and still vouch for them in your home theater system, the DVDMaster 8000 PRO will not disappoint. Watching two or three movies through the DVDMaster 8000 PRO is never enough at one go! Sure there are the Blu-ray choice of players facing you now but for a couple of hundred bucks, this grand masterpiece of a DVD player can be yours with the pride of ownership of one of the best DVD players ever built. Don’t mistake this with the cheaper ($4,500) DVDMaster 8000 DVD player. The 8000 PRO has the upscale deinterlacing option and a higher end DAC.

Cosmetically, the unit looks very good. There is a very small knick on the front top edge of the faceplate but rest of the unit looks really good. We have the matching Theater Master 8000 AV preamp and Power Master 5200 multi-channel amp. Original box and remote is included.