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The XEO3 speaker system was Dynaudio’s answer to the audiophiles who didn’t want speakers that had speaker wires running round their room and into their speakers. So armed with two 50W amplifiers in each speaker, one to drive the woofer and another the tweeter (four amps in total) and a transmitter, all you then need is a source unit that is then wired to the transmitter and voila, you have music coming out from the XEO3s! It really is that simple. But of course, it didn’t really solve the “wireless” ambition because the speakers still need an AC cord to be powered up (!). Anyway, setup is pretty easy and straightforward. When the speakers are powered up, it will automatically search for the transmitter. Once they establish a link, the LED on the front of each speaker will turn blue which confirms that link up (you just need to designate on the back of each speaker which is the left and right speaker). Which ever source unit you have hooked up to the transmitter can then start relaying its audio signal through it (via the one pair of analog input or the digital input) and the transmitter will then transmit wirelessly to the speakers. Input selection and volume control is accessed by the remote only, so don’t ever lose that.

Musically, the XEO3 is quite an impressive sounding monitor speaker. Bass, as with any Dynaudio bass drivers, is bountiful and deep and the mids rich and lush. Highs were detailed and smooth. Frequency response is 48Hz to 22KHz. Dimension of each speaker is 7″ wide, 11″ tall and 10″ deep. We have the matching stands, which was a $300 option, that the XEO3 will sit on majestically and played a big part in structuring the soundstage and imaging the speakers were portraying. What really stand out with the XEO3 (other than its musicality) was how a simple system can be assembled to delivery quality music without clutter. We had just one CD player that had the transmitter sitting on top of it and then the two speakers on their stands 7′ apart. And that’s it. No preamp or amp or an additional integrated amp. Yes, you still see two “wires” running up the speakers but the “center” stack where the usual components sit on is suddenly so “empty”. Which was kind of a pleasant sight to behold. Stands are 24″ tall.

These speakers were former demos at a dealership. Except for a corner ding (which they patched up but can be made to look a whole better if you want), the rest of the system/speaker looks really good. We don’t have the grille covers because the previous dealer took them off and lost it. So for under $800 now, you will be getting the two speakers, a transmitter, a remote control, a 3.5mm mini jack with dual RCA plug, AC cords and stands. The speaker system will be shipped in two boxes – speakers and accs in one and the stands in another.