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The Sub300 is a relatively “compact” subwoofer. It will occupy slightly more than 1 cubic foot of space with its 10″ driver firing forward. The port is facing downwards so close placement to a rear wall or corner is possible without any detriment to the sound. Internally, it has a 200W amp and the sub has a frequency range of 25Hz-250Hz. Setup was a breeze and within 15 mins, we were able to enjoy the wholesomeness of this sub. The deep end wasn’t exactly bone shaking but that was never expected to anyway given our past experiences with Dynaudio drivers. In fact, we find Dynaudio subwoofers one of the more musical of subwoofers. Pair with any monitor speakers or speakers (in a two channel setup) that are lacking the “additional oomph” in the lower frequency and we think you would be quite please with the Sub300. In a home theater environment, you might want to go with the bigger Sub500 of get two Sub300 and daisy link them for a more impactful response. With their master/slave feature on the back, you can actually daisy link as many Sub300s that your heart desire.

The subwoofer is in pretty good condition. Minor marks from use but nothing major. Remote control is included.