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The Contour 1.3 series from Dynaudio has always been one of our favorite monitor speakers that never fails to out class other monitor speakers that cost twice as much. The Contour 1.3 SE you see here is a further evolution from the award winning 1.3 MKII and sets new benchmark standards for sonic exuberance in the sub-$5,000 monitor speaker category. Cabinet dimensions of 8″ x 15″ x 11.5″ (WHD) is the only similarity with the 1.3 MKII. In the 1.3 SE, it has an all new designed woofer, new and improved tweeter with stronger magnets used on both drivers, classier terminal plate on the rear where it now enjoys titanium-metallic paint applied on it and newly engineered dual crossover boards for the tweeter and woofer. The 1.3 MKII was excellent in its own right but listening to the 1.3 SE is like┬áhaving the window open a bit bigger and letting more “fresh air” in. The bass response was definitely tighter and had a deeper extension when compared to the MKII. Mids had a bit more “bloom” and a slightly richer texture with the highs having a smoother roll-off. Frequency response is more extended on the SE version with 37 Hz at its bottom end and 27 KHz on its top end. Nominal impedance is slightly “friendlier” now at 6 ohm with a sensitivity of 85 dB. Like the 1.3 MKII, we would recommend driving these speakers with 50W or more with more being the better option. We drove them with 150W and they seem to “relish” with the extra “current” going into them. The speakers do demand heavy duty speaker stands which is why we are including the pair of Sound Anchor stands you see in the pic. These stands were former dealer demos where they had it filled and sealed. Each stand weighs nearly 80 lbs which provided the much needed grounding and “dead weight” to anchor the 1.3 SE down. We had tried the speakers on 25lb Target stands and the difference was clearly audible. These stands previously retailed for $1,200 (So the entire package here would have been $4,700). Hands down the hefty Sound Anchor stands are the better option. Stands are 24″ tall with a 8″ wide and 10.5″ deep top plate. Stands have some scuff marks from use but speakers look absolutely gorgeous. One of the speaker has slight dimples on the tweeter dust cap but its very minor and does not affect its performance.

Due to the combined weight of the stands and speakers (more than 200 lbs), they are best shipped freight where they will be strapped on a pallet. Please contact us for a freight quote. Local pickup from our store welcomed. Asking price is inclusive of the stands.