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If you like the sound of the C1 Platinum reference monitor speakers but want it amplified many times over, the C4 Platinum is what you get. As the flagship speaker under the Confidence series, this is as close to achieving sonic semblance to the much more expensive Evidence series without breaking the bank. Standing 68″ tall, 16.5″ wide and 18.7″ deep, the C4 Platinum is a tall, fairly narrow speaker that projects out a musical landscape that is wide, deep and tall (relevant room size needed). Vocals were well centered and holographic and instruments accurately placed in the panoramic soundstage. Frequency response is 27 Hz to 25 KHz via its twin 8″ woofers, twin 6″ midrange and twin 1″ ESOTAR tweeter. Nominal impedance is 4 ohm with a sensitivity of 88dB. Like the C1 Platinum reference monitor speakers, the C4 Platinum loves power and lots of it. We drove them with a 250W amp and they sounded far more incredible than a 100W amp we also had it paired with.

Finish on the speaker is Mocca high gloss and cosmetically looks a solid 9/10 with just minor marks along the bottom edges of the base plate. One owner from new and is about 2 months old before he got bitten by the upgrade bug and went with a $85,000 floorstander from Stenheim. We have the original crates for them. Each speaker is 121 lbs without the crate.