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This is Discovery Cable’s flagship model. It has a wonderfully smooth sound, lots of details, rich, textured mids and a full bottom end that would have rivaled competitors like Nordost’s Valhalla (a 3m Valhalla pair would have cost $3,320) for less money. It may not share the same brand prestige but sonically and for the money, its the game winner between the two. So for what it is worth now, it is a steal. Engineered and Made in USA! This was previously used between a preamp and a pair of monoblocks which we think is the best way to pair the cable. We tried them between a source unit and a preamp and the impact is not as “pronounce” as when its being used between a preamp and power amp. But all setups are different so you may want to experiment in your system.

Cosmetically, the cable is in nice shape. Some scuff marks from use but nothing major. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.