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This two chassis stereo amp from Digital Amplifier Company is a compact powerhouse. Putting out 400W in 4 ohm, the amp was a blast to use with all kinds of speakers in our store. It even drove our Magnepan MG3.7 with outstanding result. Bass was tight and powerful with the mids and highs clean sounding, detailed with a large dose of transparency. The background was impressively black and quiet. With the amp occupying barely 10″ by 10″ (if you double stack them) of real estate, you might think people might miss seeing them in your system but with its bright red finish, you can hardly call them “invisible”. And even if someone did miss them, the next thing they would be asking you is what amps are driving your speakers with such remarkable result? That is when you can point out the diminutive KING STM and leave them astounded by the level of sound quality from something this “small”, light but packs one hell of a punch.

The KING STM will only accept one line input (standard XLR but can hooked up with RCA via the XLR/RCA adapters, which are included) and a 1/8″ jack from the front. The left toggle switch on the faceplate is the input selector. Top position is the 1/8″ jack selection while the middle position is “Mute” and the bottom position, the XLR input. Toggle selector on the right is “Operate” and “Operate in high voltage” (from top to bottom respectively) and “standby” which are denoted by the color of the LED – orange, orange and red respectively.

Cosmetically, the amp looks very good. Just minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack the amp for safe shipping.