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This could very well be a preamp that is installed on the International Space Station. The level and amount of technology that went into this flagship preamp from DEQX is mind boggling. Below is just a snapshot of its features and capability (Just running the manual alone is several hundred of pages….) which we strongly encourage you to read more off from their website.

  • 5 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • subwoofer integration
  • room correction
  • balanced outputs
  • Roon ready
  • 3-way crossover out
  • DLNA Network streaming
  • touchscreen

But putting all that in-depth analysis of their features aside, this is an outstanding preamp. If you want something that can fully exploit every note and frequency to its ultimate precision, this may be the unit you are looking for. The level of detail and exactness in the music we heard from this preamp is just exemplary. Its like sitting in a music studio and extracting the best from the singer/ band etc. You could run digital components directly into it or two analog gears and then either have the outputs to your amps split into three way, with control of how you want the split to be or full range via one of the pair of outputs. The display panel is a also a touchscreen which you can make toggle through its features and change its display. Really cool.

Cosmetically, the unit looks great. We have the original remote, copy of the manual and original manual in a disc and will securely pack this for safe shipping.