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The SC-5000 is not a small floorstander. Each speaker weighs just a bit more than 150lbs and stands 36″ tall, 17″ deep and 23″ wide. Its a true three way design with a massive 15″ woofer that has a 30lb magnet on it, 6″ mid-range and a 2″ dome tweeter. Frequency response is 25Hz to 30KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 93dB.

Listening to these speakers are like listening to a live event – incredible dynamics, pulsating bass, wide soundstage, rich mid-range and a highly detailed top end. It needs a medium to large size room to really sound its best (and of course top notch amps and source unit). If the wall that is just behind it is at least 12 feet or wider (15 ft is ideal), you will be in for quite a treat!

These speakers are extremely rare to find. They were exclusively sold in Japan with only a small numbers being sold overseas. The pair you see here basically traveled all the way from Japan when its owner (a medical doctor) came over to take up residency in a hospital in NYC. If this pair of speakers were sold now, they would have retailed for $19,000 (after taking into account inflation from 1980). These are over engineered speakers from a bygone era where lots of emphasis were placed on sound quality and delivered by producing them with top end components.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good for an almost 30 year old speaker. Some scuff marks here and there and¬†some rough edges and corners but all age appropriate. Some TLC should bring back some of its original glory. We don’t have the grille covers because the previous owner never used them and can’t remember where he stored them. Due to its weight and size, the speakers will have to ship freight. Please contact us for a freight quote. Pickup from our store welcomed.