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The DVD-3910 is not just a great DVD player but also an excellent SACD/CD player. This is one of the rare few SACD players that offered true 5.1 channel output that showed the true magic of listening to SACD discs in a multi-channel listening session. So this has been a tough player to praise. Do we praise it for his astounding DVD playback (DVD audio too) or praise it for its SACD playback? In the end, we can only conclude that this is indeed a jack of all trades and master of all.

If you already have a huge DVD collection, you will be enthusiastically popping DVDs after DVDs into this machine. Picture quality was sharp and detailed with soundtracks drumming up your pulses as if you are immersed in the movie itself. And when your eyes get tired, swap in a SACD or CD and you will relish in the musical transformation of the player. At $1500 MSRP, it is quite a good buy if you just weigh in its SACD playback feature but add DVD-Audio and Video playback, it becomes an outstanding buy. At under $300, this is a giveaway. Very very minor scuff on the top edge of the faceplate.

Original box and remote included.