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One look at this masterpiece from Denon and I guarantee you, your jaw will drop. When Denon launched the DP-S1 many years back, the industry just wasn’t prepared for such a machine. It had a striking appearance and the technology that went inside was way beyond its time. Together with its matching DA-S1 DAC, they were the flag bearer for Denon and back then, cost an amazing $15,000. If they were made available now, they would have cost in the region of $25,000 – $30,000. This DP-S1 was partnered with an extremely rare Orutika DAC 7 tube DAC. Upon listening to this combo, I can understand why the previous owner went with this combo. The Orutika DAC sounded more organic than the DA-S1. It had a more lushful presence, had more depth and a sweeter mid-range.

The DP-S1 and DA-S1 combo is rarely available outside Japan because not many were made in 120V or 230V. Only a small numbers were available outside Japan. We know all the good stuff were only available domestically in Japan and this DP-S1 is one such machine. It is 100V only but don’t worry, we are including a  high quality 120v-100v step down converter with the purchase. This has no impact on the sound whatsoever and actually improves the AC current going into the DP-S1.

There are a few very minor blemishes on the CD transport and the only one worthy of mentioning is a very small chip on the lip of the CD well. This was due to the heavy CD puck accidentally leaving the owner’s hand and leaving that mark there. The heavy CD puck and remote will come in its original premium wooden case and the CD transport will be securely packed (we don’t have the original box) for safe shipping.

This is a very rare offering and will probably never be repeated for a good many years to come. Even the current flagship player from Denon doesn’t even come close to what the DP-S1 has to offer in terms of quality and price. This was a no expense spared CD transport that was so expensive to build it is unlikely to be repeated again.