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The DCD-1420 was one of Denon’s “premium” model back in the days when mutli bit based CD players were competing head on with Bitstream CD players. Its $600 MSRP isn’t expensive today but back then, it wasn’t small change either. It had a very good transport, was well built and had  a very good sound. It may not be as refine as newer CD players we have now but for much less money, it puts up a very respectable performance. Music was clean and distinct and not “wavering” like similarly priced sub-$200 CD players from lesser known brands. Even at this low price point, it does demand better than average amplification because it does affect how the DCD-1420 sound. With a good pre and power combo, you would have thought you had a $800-1000 CD player hooked up in your system.

Condition of the unit is good. Usual scuff marks from age but nothing major. Original remote is included. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.