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If you want a floor rattling subwoofer for under $600, this is it. At this price you can easily get an 8″ or 12″ or maybe a 15″ but with the PF1800 sub here, you are getting an 18″ cast basket woofer that gets down to 13Hz! Throw any LF at it and the PF1800 will just churn out a bone cracking bass that is a like a mini seismic event. The PF1800 is not a small subwoofer. It is a roughly 22″ size cube and weighs almost 110 lbs. Setup is quick and easy. Just hookup the preouts on your preamp into the PF1800 and adjust the crossover and level accordingly. In our home theater setup, it made a huge difference over the Velodyne DD-15 (our sit-in subwoofer) that we normally use. The Velodyne has a higher power rating with a slightly tighter bottom end but the PF1800 has the “bigger” thunder.

Cosmetically, the sub looks really good. Some knicks and scuff marks on the bottom panel and polishing swirl marks on the top cover. Grille cover looks good. Due to the size and weight, the sub will ship freight. Local pickup is preferred and welcomed.