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This is where you take your high end digital system up to the next level. The Puccini U-Clock is not just your typical master clock but also USB/SPDIF converter. If you doing a lot of your listening via streaming in of music from your PC, the U-Clock can be inserted between your PC and DAC where it converts the digital signal it receives in via its USB and output to a more universally accepted SPDIF. This feature is over and above its other critical function which is system clocking. If you have a transport and DAC (non-dCS) that allows it to be re-clocked via an external master clock, the Puccini, with its sophisticated clock can do that which will reduce jitter and thus sonically improves the sound.

The unit was previously used in conjunction with a dCS Puccini CD player. There are some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original box and a copy of the manual.