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This is one of the finest DAC on the market. It may not be “state of the art” but it will not hesitate to run rings around other DACs costing many times more. We had this compared with our in-house Esoteric D-03 DAC ($13,000 MSRP) and¬†although the difference is marginal, we were slightly more “moved” with the dCS presentation than the Esoteric. Both the Esoteric and dCS are very good but the dCS had a slightly smoother sound. Mid-range and bass had a more rounded end while the Esoteric was tighter and sharper. Either unit is World Class and will elevate any system to new highs.

The Debussy has been updated with the latest software so it is ready to go. We have the original remote, manual and a dCS box to pack it in. There is a small blemish on the front faceplate (just above the MUTE button), a small knick on the rear right corner edge and some other minor scuff marks from use from an otherwise very good looking unit.