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The Ampino integrated amp is a surprisingly good sounding unit. Shoe box shaped just like¬†Mission Cyrus amps and Onix’s OA series, the Ampino ends its similarity there. It is a two input only integrated and was designed as such for the audiophile who enjoys his/her music via the philosophy – simple is best. This is really the ideal amp for the simplistic audiophile who doesn’t want a lot of component clutter in his room and just want a musical stage. Front layout is a huge volume knob in the center and one toggle switch on either side of the knob for turning the unit on and selecting the inputs. And that is all there is for the Ampino. No remote control feature to complicate the circuitry inside. Speaker pairing would need to be on the high sensitivity side as the Ampino will only put out 25W in 8 ohm and 40W in 4 ohm. It is still plenty for most speakers though except the most current hungry and tough to drive speakers. This is the upgraded version with the Mundorf caps. We had it paired with a pair of Epos ES-11 and Focal’s Mini Utopia with great result. Bass was taut, mids were rich and forward and the highs clean and smooth. Compared to the older Mission Cyrus One integrated amp, the Ampino was slightly brighter and more engaging and less “dark” sounding.

Built quality is very respectable and although made in Serbia, it shares many quality attributes more commonly associated with established brands from Germany, France and the U.K. Unit has minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.