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If we had to use one word to describe the Davone Grande speakers, it would be exquisite. From its physical looks to its “picturesque” sound, the Grande, at $24,000 MSRP is the “budget” high end speakers in terms design and sound. The first thing that caught our eye was how beautiful and dimensionally perfect the speakers are. The woodwork and construction is art in its own right. Like it says on their website, the Grande almost looks like a lounge chair. Definitely a conversation starter in any home.

We were fortunate when the Grande arrived at our store, we had a pair of B&W 800D (closely similar in terms of MSRP and is also a flagship model for B&W) that we were able┬áto do a side by side comparison. Both the B&W and Grande have their own unique look and top class sound. The 800D was more forward, more robust sounding. The Grande was textually smoother and more soulful sounding. If vocals and jazz are your cup of tea, the Grande will not disappoint. The Grande will rock but not in the same footsteps as the 800D. Bass was tighter on the 800D and had a more “physical” bottom end even though on paper, the Grande extends down to 27Hz (B&W extends down to 25Hz). It is not that it is lacking, it is just not as dramatic as the B&W. Listening experience with the Grande is just like admiring a beautiful landscape painting whilst the B&W was a modernistic art work. Both will do proudly in any top end system and just basically boils down to what you like in terms of sound and what kind of beauty you appreciate.

The pair you see here were former dealer demos that were part of a $135,000 system. The speakers do need top class power amplification to sound their best and an amp that will extend down to 4 ohms or lower. Sensitivity is an efficient 90dB and frequency range is 27Hz – 30KHz. They are almost in mint condition with just very minor signs of use. We have the original boxes and will ship them strapped on a pallet.