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If you are reading this listing, don’t. Just take a look at the pics. The picturesque gold and bright red plates are an amazing sight to behold and so far off tangent from the common sights of silver and black in today’s hifi. And this picture only tells one side of the story. Their musical presence is also, simply beyond words. The purity, transparency and vivid realness is out of this World. In our opinion, they will easily rival the best from FM Acoustics, another uber expensive brand from Switzerland. The engineering (you can read more about them on darTZeel’s website) behind them is mind boggling to say the least. Controls and their architecture have a rock solid feel and just broadcasts the luxurious materials and workmanship involved. Power output on the NHB-108 is 100W in 8 ohm and 160W in 4 ohm and although recommended by darTZeel as the perfect partner to their preamps, can be paired to just about any preamp out there.

Cosmetically, the unit looks great. Some light scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.