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If you have a small to medium size room and wants to maximize your musical enjoyment without spending too much money or have big floorstanders dominate the room, than consider this highly reviewed Ikon 2 monitor speakers. Its a fairly narrow but tall monitor speakers. Measuring 7.5″ wide, 17″ tall and 12″ deep, it packs in a hybrid tweeter setup where it includes a 1″ soft dome and a 45mm x 17mm ribbon driver that supplies all that clean, crystal sounding highs. The 6.5″ mid/bass driver is made up wood fiber and produces that tight punchy bass that goes down to 42Hz. For us, in our smallish listening room, that was more than sufficient. But for those who want the bass to knock harder, you could always supplement them with a subwoofer. The speakers do need a sturdy pair of speaker stands to anchor them down solidly which tighten up the soundstage, imaging and bass. We had them on 20″ Sound Anchor stands that were sand filled and weighed 45lbs each and that seem to do the trick. With 20″ stands the tweeter height was at about 34″ but you may be using a different chair that you would sit down and listen so measure accordingly if you decide to get them.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in nice shape. Some minor scuff marks and a couple of nicks here and there and a few small dimples on the dust cap of one tweeter which has no impact on the performance of that tweeter. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack the speakers for safe shipping.