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$350 Original Price: $800
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The Ikon series of speakers was a former Product of the Year award winner and was praised for having the best sound for a complete 5.1 speaker package. The Vokal 2 MKII you see was the center channel from that series and is much improved over the original Vokal 2. We installed this in one of our system and really like its dynamic and realistic reproduction of the movie soundtracks. Bass was very respectable considering its mid-size physique and the mid-range was very forward and had lots of body. A very important feature if you want dialogues to sound as real as possible. Its original $800 MSRP was a bargain price considering its built quality and sound. At $350 now, this will add some magic to your movie watching experience at home without breaking the bank.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in good shape. Just very minor signs of use and some scuff marks here and there. Nothing major. Speaker will be ship in its original box.