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The Ulysses speaker you see here is like a rough cut diamond. It may not have the perfect smooth finish or the use of premium materials as some some mainstream brands like B&W, KEF, Wilson Audio etc do, but sonically, it is just as sumptuously good as those other brands. Speakers are completely hand built with solid hardwood, Baltic birch and walnut baffles. You can tell its solidity by just trying to move its 115 lbs around. There are six drivers in each speaker – 2 x1″ Eaton dome tweeters, 2 x5″ modified Fostex full-range mids, and 2 x 8″ proprietary woofers that are made by Daedalus. Frequency response is an impressive 28 Hz to 22 kHz with a sensitivity of 97 dB and a nominal impedance of 6 ohm. The speakers are extremely easy drive with 3W the minimum amount of power needed. You can drive them with 300B tube amps with ease, which incidentally is also one of the best pairing we have tried in our store. The scale of the presentation is awesome. Big, wide and deep with excellent musical placement. If you listen to a lot of vocals, the speakers in their optimum placement and room size will transform your room into an intimate jazz club. Its rear ported with three ports (specifically engineered) so they would need about 2 feet of space from the rear walls. Speakers stands 49″ tall (without the baseplate), 11″ wide and 16″ deep.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Joints in the speaker cabinets are dovetails so you may see a bit of roughness in the joints but don’t forget, these are handmade. Finishes in the wood, due to their natural unadulterated finish may not be mirror like, like their factory “finished” mass production speakers from their competition but still looks very good if you like a natural finished speaker. Speakers will come with the optional bass stands that the previous owner placed under them with rubber footers (some marks from the rubber footers can be found under the base stands). We don’t have the boxes for them so local pickup from our store preferred or if shipping is required, they will be shipped strapped to a pallet.