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This is a very well made custom passive subwoofer with two 10″ woofers on either end of the subwoofer cabinet. Previous owner ran two of this subwoofers in his sound system with very impressive bass energy. The subwoofer has no internal crossover and was controlled by an electronic crossover running through an external amplifier. If you don’t have an electronic crossover, you could install a passive LF cutoff crossover board to filter out the mids and highs. Such boards are easily available online or from Parts Express. Subwoofer is front ported (two ports) which allows it to be placed back against the wall.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer has its usual signs of use. Some wearing of the grille cover (needs to be re-glued in certain sections) and some scuff marks and knicks on the cabinet. But for our asking price of $95, these are so minuscule considering the cost of parts, labor and time to make one similar to this would have cost in way in excess of $95. The subwoofer measures 36″ across, 14″ tall and 12″ deep. Subwoofer has some weight to it – 60lbs and when you factor in its dimensions, shipping will not be cheap. Local pickup from our store preferred.