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The Micro Diamond interconnect cable is all about quality rather than quantity. The “thin” cable line is not something you may be used to seeing since people tend to equate better sound quality with mass and as such almost every other cable out there is being built with larger and larger diameters. But Crystal Cable’s Micro Diamond is heading the opposite direction. This is a thinly veiled, silver conductor (with a bit of gold) interconnect cable that speaks volume above its diameter. We tried the cable between a CD player/preamp and preamp/poweramp and found that in both setup, the cable conveyed a noticeably more detailed emphasis on the higher notes and reign in a tighter bass in the low frequencies (compared to a copper based interconnect cable). It was like giving our system added “air” to breathe. The results does vary a little between a solid state system and a tube system but we prefer them in a tube based system (tube preamp/tube poweramp) where it “brightened” up the sound and gave it a little bit more sparkle to an otherwise warm sound.

Cosmetically, the cable is in great condition. The 0.5m length keeps signal travel to its minimum which also limits how far apart the components will sit so a bit of strategic planning is needed before getting this cable.