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The D75 was one of Crown Audio’s biggest volume seller. In its lifespan, it sold more than 100,000 units and could be easily found in any home or studio where top quality sound and a bargain price tag was called for. At 35W per channel, the D75 in the home, was usually paired to a pair of monitor speakers for nearfield listening or in the case of a recording studio, a pair of studio monitors. The amp is a textbook for crystal clear sound, neutrality and transparency. Inputs are via a pair of XLR or 1/4″ plug (typical inputs for use in a recording studio) so if your preamp only has RCA out, you would need a XLR/RCA adapter. Speaker outputs are the conventional binding post type and in the front panel, there is also a headphone jack where you can hook up a pair of headphones to (again, another typical recording studio feature). More interestingly, the amp also comes with left and right variable output which you can adjust in conjunction with the output from your preamp. Between the variable level controls are four LED lights that blink in red and green. The green LEDs glow in intensity based on the strength of the incoming signal while the red LED (Crown labeled them as IOC – Input/ Output Comparator) will blink when distortion levels are reached. All very useful features!

Cosmetically, the amp is in good shape. Some minor nicks here and there but nothing major. “Leather” wrapped top cover is an interesting alternative to the usual metal looking top cover that has a small 1mm open gap on the side where it is supposed to join the front faceplate. This is a QC issue during production.  We don’t have the original box or manual. Unit will be securely packed for safe arrival.