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Affordable quality sound is what typically comes to mind when you think of the brand, Creek. And the A43 is one of many such products that have come out of Creek’s factory bearing those very description. It is not earth shakingly top notch but for $700 MSRP, add Made in England quality and it is not hard to qualify this as one of the best buy audio pieces. Pair it with Creek’s own passive preamp and you will enjoying one of the most transparent combo for under $1,000. Vocals was particularly haunting when played through the Creek combo. Holographic imaging with a very smooth, warm textured almost tube-like sound. Rated at 50W per channel into 8 ohms, it is not “big” on power but once you listen to it, it will be one of the best 50W you have ever heard. The A43 amp was a riot that was amazingly affordable and an even better buy now for $450!

Cosmetically, the amp is in great shape. It’s a former demo piece that probably didn’t see much use. We have the original box for it.