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This isĀ Counterpoint’s more desirable tube preamp. It has a very good phono stage and at our asking price now, the phono stage alone is worth every penny of our asking price. It was a very sophisticated preamp during its time. Even today, you won’t find the same level of controls on another preamp for the same $1,300. Once fully warmed up, about 30 mins, the SA-5000 is as glorifying as a morning’s sunshine. The rich details, warm mids, pitch perfect bass was absolutely gratifying. Singers were well placed on the soundstage and holographic. This is a very “refreshing” preamp in the face of many other sub-$1300 preamp. The SA-5000 has a separate tube regulated power supply which kept EMI interference away from the sensitive signal boards.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks excellent.Ā One previous owner since new. We even have the original manual and box.