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This is an outrageous “power cord”. We have had many different kind of power cords come through our doors but this one takes the cake for its design, purpose and finished product. The Equi=Core 300 is their highest rated power cable system – 300W. Its not exactly a “power cord” in the normal sense since it has a line conditioner right in the middle of it. Designed for source components, preamps and amps that do not draw too high a current, the Equi=Core 300 worked wonderfully with several CD players we tested it out with but seems to work best when used with preamps. Your results may vary but we found its mojo when it was hooked up to our Esoteric C-03 preamp. To “spread” the benefits of the Equi=Core 300, you can hook up the cable to an expansion outlet and have your CD player and preamp connected to the expansion outlet. But take note of the total power draw since its cap is 300W.

In using this, you need to factor in a space to put this on. In our system, it sat on a shelf just under the preamp. The “power cord” is 5 ft long. Cosmetically, the unit is in great shape. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Its $850 MSRP is quite a bargain when other “normal” AC cord can cost many times more.