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Copland never really got deep recognition for its products here in America as compared to Europe and Asia. So in the rare instances where they do show up for sale, it is a chance never to miss. The CTA505 you see here has the affectionate four 6550 tubes setup found in many other amps under a multitude of brands like Audio Research, Art Audio etc. The difference is how each manufacturer taps out the sweetness from the 6550 tubes and Copland does it with great skill.

With about 67W per channel, which is within range of most amps that uses four 6550 tubes, it has a remarkably “solid state” thump in the bass department as compared to its competitors. Mid-range is pure heaven where it is lushfully smooth and warm. Highs were nicely rounded without any edginess to its sound. At a list price of $3300, it was fairly pricey for a 67W amp but factor in how it sounded, it was a pretty good buy when compared to its other competitors in this price range. At under $1500, it is a definitive BEST BUY.

The amp is well built and as you can see from the picture, is in pretty good condition. Minor marks here and there but nothing major except for an old sticker residue on the rear. We don’t have the original box but will have it securely packed for safe arrival. No idea on the balance hours left on the tubes but like all used tube gear, we always recommend installing new ones.