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The Premier 17LS is one of the finest example of a trickle down effect that brought the strength of a flagship product down to its lesser sibling at real world prices. Mirroring pretty much like the ART preamp, the Premier 17LS is a beautifully executed preamp that sounds incredibly close to its bigger and more expensive brother. Using only four 6922 tubes, the Premier 17LS exhibits all the good things about tubes and more. It is more colorful (in a good way) and more detailed than similarly priced tube preamps from Audio Research or VTL. When you listen music through the Premier 17LS, you get a sense that the Premier 17LS is like a ballerina – delicate, smooth flows and yet precise and wondrous. This is the very nature of this beast that is so captivating and so unlike many other tube preamps. It is warm but not overly so where music becomes thick and muddy. All in all, a very good preamp that deserves its place in a top notch system. Comes strongly recommended by Stereophile magazine.

The previous owner attached some rubber pads on the underside of the remote to prevent it from getting scratch so if you want, you can remove it if you end up getting this preamp. There are also two places on the face plate where there are some minor scratches – one is on the center and right in front of the tube cage and the other is near the bottom right corner of the face plate. They are hard to spot when standing past 3 feet away but its there. Some minor scuff marks on the top cover but when take as a whole, the preamp is still very presentable and more importantly sounds incredible. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.