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Under the Premier series, the Premier 140 is a fantastic 6550 powerhouse. Their earlier Premier Twelve monoblocks have the same 140W from the 6550 tubes but the Premier 140 is more revealing, had better clarity and sounded tighter even though it shares pretty much the same circuitry from the Twelve. Clearly deserving to carry the flagship badge in the series. With eight 6550 tubes in one chassis, a single 6922 and two 6N30, the Premier 140 never failed to bring music in its truest form to our listening room regardless of the different speakers it was paired with. The mid-range magic is simply mesmerizing with the highs sweetly rolled off and the bass bountiful without being too lumpy. The previous owner is a die hard CJ fan and moved up to the ART 300, that cost nearly six times more, to raise the envelope in his sound system. Now at under $4,000 this is a bargain to the next audiophile who wants to bring some of these CJ magic into their room and own one of the best sounding 6550 tube amp.

Cosmetically, the amp is in great shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Included is another set of 6550 tubes. Copy of manual is included. Amp is 19″wide, 16.5″ deep and 8″ tall and weighs almost 90 lbs. We don’t have the original box so local pickup preferred or it will ship via freight (preferred option over ground).