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No surprises here. Another Conrad Johnson classic that delivers the acoustic goodies without any fuss. The MV-75 has gone through several iterations and this is the one with the updated power supply so this unit will many more years under his belt. Spec wise, this is a reasonably powerful 75W tube (6550 tubes) amp. It drove several different brands and types of speakers in our store with ease and as usual, produced its signature warm, smooth sound. Vocals and acoustic instruments were particularly magical through the MV75a-1. Imaging was well placed and holographic and in one of our preferred pairing, with the Klipsch Forte speakers, our room suddenly became a mini live studio. Under $1,000 now, you can get some Chinese made power amps but it doesn’t possess the same polished, natural sound of the MV75a-1.

Cosmetically, this amp is pretty nice condition. Minor scuff marks and a few very tiny knicks here and there but nothing major.¬†We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Manual is available online. Current set of 6550 tubes has some life left but as with any used tube power amps, we always recommend replacing them with new ones or have a new set on stand by.