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This is Conrad Johnson’s latest offering, the Series 2 version of the all time classic, CAV-45. It still has 45W (in ultralinear mode) but with much improved work on the power supply, better quality parts and minimalist circuitry, the CAV-45 Series 2 eradicates the notion that medium power tube amps are lacking in the bass department. The Series 2 when paired with the right speakers can be so satisfying that you would think you have bought a much bigger tube amp and the price you pay for it was a mistake (as in you paid too little!). We had this paired to the massive, towering Zingali HM-215 speakers and the audio experience was bone shattering. The soundstage was huge, deep and wide. The resolution was incredible and yet so natural. If we had to put our money on a tube integrated that can offer this much enjoyment, this would be it. The game plan with the CAV-45 Series 2 is simplicity. Its DNA is simplicity so when you build a system around it, keep it simple. Go for a top quality source unit and a high efficiency pair of speakers and there is no looking back.

Cosmetically, it is in amazing condition. One owner from new. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.