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The Conrad Johnson MV-50 is all about the magic in the mid-range. It may not have the low down bottom end and high resolution of solid state amps but once you sit through 2-3 hours of music through the MV-50, you would just melt from its lush, rich sound. The amp is not tremendously powerful at 45W per channel (EL34 tubes) but when paired with a good preamp (Conrad Johnson’s PV-10 is one of the best preamp to match it) and an easy to drive, fairly sensitive speakers, you would be in music heaven. When listening to jazz or vocals, the soundstage is so captivating you could almost feel yourself enveloped in it. Power tubes has about 200 hours of use so plenty of life left.

Cosmetically, this amp is one very well cared for amp. Minor scuff marks and a few very tiny knicks.¬†We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Manual is available online.