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There have been a few alternatives since the demise of the Genesis Time Lens but none gets closer and better than the Time Lens than the Helen from Titan’s Audio Labs. We have tried the likes of DTI from Audio Alchemy, Sonic Frontier’s Jitterbug and Camelot Technology’s Dragon but the Helen is miles away from those earlier pieces both in terms of technology and more importantly, the sound. We had this inserted between Esoteric’s P-0 CD transport and Concert Fidelity DAC-040BD and found improved resolution, lower noise floor and a slightly improved definition and dynamics. Of course the result can vary between CD transport and DAC used but we have not found a situation where the Helen degraded the sound. If anything, the status quo remains or you will hear varying levels of improvement (which was in all cases when we tried it in different setups in our store).  The technical specs in this unit can be found on their website which we recommend you go search for it and read it up there. There is a generous range of inputs and outputs on the back of the unit which will you to pair with any components out there. Built and finish is top class and with a rated voltage of 100-240V, the unit can be used anywhere in the World.

This unit was a DEMO piece that we tried it out in our store. Original manual and packaging included and unit is almost brand new except for 4-5 hours of use in our store. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.