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Next to the Omega series of amplifiers, the CA-M600 is arguably the next best thing from Classe. With loads of power – 600W in 8 ohm and 1,200W in 4 ohm, the CA-M600 is not just brawn but beauty too. Their Delta series enclosure has been one of the most attractive design in the audio industry. What is even more important is the sound quality of these amps. At their $14,000 MSRP, they are a high end bargain. We have had amps that cost twice and even three times as much and sounded no different from the CA-M600. It played every note from the highs to the mids to the lows with articulately clean details and authority. Our immediate rival in the store is a pair of McIntosh MC601s which also happened to be 600W monoblocks and are priced similarly at $14,000 MSRP. Both the Classe and McIntosh are great amps and would perform proudly in any system. The differences between the two are just a manner of individual taste. The McIntosh is slightly more colored in the mids versus the neutrality in the CA-M600s and the bass is a bit more “lumpy” in the McIntosh than the slightly more controlled Classe. Speaker pairing was a breeze as the Classe was up to task with any speaker we paired it with. We had them driving a pair of Avalon Radian speakers and the matching CP-800 MKII (also for sale in a separate listing) with truly World Class result.

Cosmetically, both amps are in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original boxes and the manual can be found online.