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The CP-500 is a wonderful mid-range preamp that offers a very simplistic approach to sound in a modernistic design – neutrality, transparency, pure signal pass through with an eye grabbing touch screen display that all controls are managed from. When paired with the rest of the family, the whole “block” is just pure eye candy. No harsh sharp corners on the front fascia but rounded edges and an almost total lack of knobs or switches. The design doesn’t just stop on the aesthetic look of the unit, it carries over to how it sounded. Smooth, precise and sharp are the immediate traits you hear when listening through this preamp. It picks out all the identifying hallmarks of every CD player that it is paired too. So it is highly important that is gets married to a good CD player.

Highly recommended preamp that is also highly rated by reviewers around the world. It will be shipped in a Classe box (not original CP-500 box but a fitting Classe box) with its original remote.