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The Classe CAV-150 is a very understated multi-channel amp. When it comes to multi-channel amplification, there is usually not much association with sound quality than there is with power output unless we are talking big money. But the CAV-150 is a different animal. At the minimum, it will provide 150W per channel into six channels and with some variation in terms of inputs and speakers use, can balloon to 300W per channel. That is a lot of juice and flexibility from a $3,600 amp. It even has two XLR inputs for the audiophile user who has a preamp with XLR output and wants to utilize that for its front two channel speakers. Which of course brings us to its sound quality – AWESOME. Compared to several AV receivers we have in the store with similar power ratings, the CAV-150 was definitely the one with the more desirable sound. It was warm, well controlled and had a deep rolling resonance in the bass. The AV receivers we compared it with were more neutral and clinical and had a hint of harshness at the limits and one even sounded “weaker” than its 150W rating. Using only two channel for music, it would easily rival any 150W stereo amp costing up to $2500. So if we do some simple arithmetic and take $3,600 divide by three, a “two” channel “CAV-150” would have been $1,200 retail which then makes our asking price of $1,495 a bargain because for another $295 more,you are getting four more channels of 150W each!

Cosmetically, the amp looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there and a few tiny paint scrapes on the heat sinks but nothing major. No dings or dents. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Original manual included. See our listing for the matching SSP-300 AV pre.