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The┬áCA-5100 five channel amp with the SSP-300 AV preamp was Classe’s more “affordable” offering for a complete home theater amplification package. $5,500 is a tidy sum of money to splurge on a five channel amp and when you factor in the $5,000 MSRP on the SSP-300, you would be looking at just over ten grand. That is no small potatoes but the good thing with time is, those potatoes are within reach of the masses now. Without even hitting $3,500 now, you could be the proud owner of a top notch pairing that would really elevate your home theater experience. With 100W per channel into five channels, the CA-5100 may be just half the power rating of the CA-5200 that we just sold but it is far from half the performance. In fact, we couldn’t discern any difference between the two unless the main front three speakers are current hungry and you like to listen REALLY loud when watching your movies.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks/nicks from use but nothing major. Previous owner also marked which speaker outputs are for which speaker on the rear panel. Original box included and manual is available online.