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Classe Audio’s DR series of preamps are one the most highly regarded range of preamps of any brands. The DR-5L that you see here is one such hit from the range. It wasn’t exorbitantly expensive but sounded like one. If this was part of a blind listening test, you would have thought this was a +$5,000 preamp. It has a transparent, forward soundstage that was wide and deep. Imaging was holographic with nice clean lines. Compared to what can be had in the sub-$1,500 used market for preamps, this is an easy category winner. In fact, in the budget price preamp category, this could be the benchmark standard that other brands should compare to.

Cosmetically, there are some minor scuff marks/nicks here and there but these are typical of a component of this vintage. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.