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The DR-2 is one of the greatest Class A amps. In fact, we prefer it over Pass Labs’ Aleph 3 (a 30W Class A amp) where the DR-2 just sounded more musical. Compared to Monarchy Audio’s SM-70 Class A amps (similarly spec at 25W Class A or 70W in monoblock operation), the DR-2 totally crush it. Bass was tighter and the mids and highs were warmer and sweeter. Between the these three amps, the Classe unit is the more serious looking unit. The two big gold rack handles mounted on the front of the faceplate made lifting this amp on to a rack so much more easier and the contrast against the black faceplate gave it a more differentiated look from the more common all black finish on most Class A amps. The heatsinks on the sides of the amps are perfectly structured to “alleviate” the heat buildup as the amp warms up with use. As typical with most Class A amps, the DR-2 does get hotter than your conventional Class AB amps but the sonic difference will make you warm up to the DR-2. A well ventilated placement of the amp is necessary.

The amp was recently serviced and biased back to original factory spec. The RCA inputs were also upgraded to a more current spec where it is “longer” to allow a more secured contact with the interconnect cables. Previous RCA plugs were the shorter ones that were used during that period which were fine if you use the generic interconnect cables (the thin ones with red and white rubber RCA plugs) but won’t provide a strong and tight hold over our current, heavier interconnect cables.

We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Cosmetically, it has very some minor knicks around the edges of the faceplate and minor scuff marks elsewhere.