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One major trait of this player is its analog sound. If you find that most CD players costing under $1,000 is too harsh and brittle sounding, the CDP 1.5 will change your impression. This player is so analog sounding it could have passed off as a turntable. The only giveaway is how quiet its background (CD is guilty too) is. Built quality could have been more at $2500 MSRP but this is a player that has most of its money spent on its inside that the outside. Music was especially smooth with jazz and vocals but maybe a bit too laid back if listening to rock or electronic music. Overall though, it is a great sounding player for under $700. It may have been a contender in the past at its $2500 MSRP but there are better sounding units now in the $2,000 – $3,000 range. In the under $1000 category however, it competes favorably.

Cosmetically, there are scuff marks here and there and small knicks around the edges. Faceplate is in good overall condition with minor blemishes that is only visible when up close. We have the original manual and remote and will securely pack this for safe shipping.