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The Mojo portable DAC/Headphone amp is where audiophile sound quality can now fit snugly into your pocket or bag and enjoyed wherever you are. If you have been just plugging your headphones into your laptop, PC or Apple devices, the Mojo can improve your listening pleasure by just having it come between your devices and headphone. With the USB cable (supplied), you just connect the Mojo between your devices and your headphone. With your headphone plugged into either one of its two headphone jack and control of the volume level via the two balls on the Mojo, you are all set to enjoy audiophile sound quality instead of just the “regular” output from the headphone jack of your devices. The Mojo accepts digital coax, optical and micro USB input. So you can actually put this into a regular hifi system and run it as a DAC for your CD transport or player. It is rechargeable so it is not going to drain your devices battery if you are using it on the go and have already fully charge it.

Overall condition of the unit is good. It may have some minor scuff marks/nicks from use but nothing major. Copy of the manual is included and the specs, which by the way is quote amazing for something this small, is included.Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.