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This is one of the greatest monitor speakers of all time. Period. Like Acoustic Energy’s AE1, Rogers LS3/5a and many others from the UK, the SL600Si was another “ground breaking” sample of UK’s hifi manufactures ability to produce stellar sounding monitor speakers. Celestion built the SL600Si with an Aerolam material which is an aluminum honeycomb material that is great for absorbing unwanted vibrations and keeping the speaker totally inert. The speakers are sealed with one 1.25″ copper dome tweeter and one 6.5″ Kobex-cone woofer. This gave the speaker a frequency range of 60 Hz to 20 KHz. Sensitivity was 82 dB and nominal impedance is 8 ohm. The speaker is very power hungry so you really need to drive them with an amp that can really pump out the juice into them. The more you can give them, the better they sound. And if you can bi-amp them, that’s even better. A heavy and sturdy pair of speaker stands are also critical. They need to be securely isolated down to bring some tightness into the bass and better definition in the soundstage. They also love lots of open space around them. We gave them at least 3ft off the back and side to allow them to project a well defined soundstage and image. Bass was punchy but not necessarily room shaking while the mids and highs were transparent, clean, smooth and very well etched out in the imaging. These speakers are fussy. They need a top notch front end and amplification, heavy duty stands and good sized space around them to really impress.  Ideally, the room should be almost clutter free for it to do its magic.

Each speaker is 14.5″tall, 7.75″ wide and 9.25″ deep. They are not particularly heavy (about 12 lbs) so they really need a pair of sturdy heavy stands to anchor them down. Cosmetically, these are one of the nicest examples you can find in the market. It could almost pass off as new if not for its age. Very well cared for by its one previous owner and only driven by top class gears. We don’t have the original packaging but know how to securely pack them for safe shipping.  The SL600Si are incredibly hard to find these days especially with one in such pristine condition. So don’t miss your chance in collecting one of the greatest monitor speakers ever made!