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The SLP 05 tube preamp from Cary Audio is their best sounding preamp by far. Two chassis in design with the power supply packaged in a separate chassis to keep electrical interferences away from the sensitive tube section, this preamp will astound you with its clarity, detail, transparency and imaging. Extremely well built with a quality feel throughout, it is impressive on the outside and the inside. There are lots of positive reviews everywhere on this preamp and is a Stereophile and Absolute Sound recommended component. This is a truly World Class preamp without the mega bucks price tag. You will not be disappointed. It will run side by side with the likes of Audio Research’s Reference 3 preamp or the McIntosh’s best selling C2300 preamp.

This is the silver faceplate version. It blended nicely with the blue backlit display on the preamp. Both the preamp section and the power supply unit are in very good condition. Minor scuff marks common with use but nothing major. Remote control and original boxes are included.